Dayton Superior engineers use our unique, proprietary software to design lifting point bracing and anchors. These are supplied as a complete package with site drawings as well as the following detail for each panel:

  • The type and location of lifting inserts
  • The location of the bracing inserts
  • The size, location, and spacing of additional reinforcing steel needed for lifting
  • The location of the floor anchors for brace attachment
  • Field books include a rigging diagram to assure the panel is lifted as it was designed, safely and without damage. A complete bill of material unique to the project is also provided.
  • Delta Tie and Insulation layout shop drawings for Precast Insulated Panels


Delta Tie design software provides a useful set of tools for both designers and fabricators.  It provides quick answers to many of the common questions about Delta Tie applications in an insulated concrete panel.​

Delta Tie design software is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD.  To receive the software, please fill out the Delta Tie Software request form.