Dayton Superior offers an unmatched product selection and availability for new and used formwork, shoring and tilt up braces. We are the one-stop source for the products you need from the brands you trust, within the U.S. or around the globe.

Dayton Superior is your one-stop, worldwide source to BUY, SELL or TRADE new and used formwork, shoring or tilt-up braces.  Contact us today!

Items in red are new to the list.


Handset Forms

Burke Handset (10K+ sqft in panels, + fillers, corners, hardware)
(84) Bolted Catwalk Bracket (Aluma)

Gang Forms & Walers

Crane Set System 13,000 + sq ft
Patent Alum studform walers
Aluma Strongbacks
3" Channel x 6', 8', 10', 12', 14',  16' and 20'
Versiform - various sizes

Clamp Systems

Doka columns (9)
Harris 1500 - 46,000 sq ft

Alisply / Rapid Clamp 26K+ SqFt
Ulma Mega Form
Etobicoke (imperial)

Logik (1,823 sqft)
Manto 240x270 (55) plus some smaller panels
Peri Rundflex (1,400 sqft in 2.4m and 3m heights)
Peri Trio
Rasto Lever Clamps (2,200) new $10.50 each for the lot
Rasto 4,300 sqft used in the N.E.

Tie Systems

(6,000) 15mm Tie Nut/plate with non swivel 5-1/8" diameter plate
(6,000) Dayton D30 She Bolts 1-1/4” Coil Outer, ¾” Coil Inner, Wing Nut and Plate Washers 
1" Batter Washers (2,000) and 3/4" Batter Washers (500)

Steel Forms

Efco Lite (13,100 sqft)
60-70 each 5’W x 4’L Max-A-Form STS Panels with a 24” x 18” Pour Door”
Efco Box Culvert Traveler

Garage Beam System (1,000+ ft of 16"x24.25" beam, (120) 5'x5' frames, etc.)
Max-A-Form (46,000 sqft +)

Beams or Joists

Patent J400's (10,000 ft), Stringers (400 ft) and Alum. Walers (1,050 ft)
Peri MPB 24-420 (3) and MPB 24-600 (7) fob Wisconsin


180cm Brace Frames for 350 & 550 props
Hunnebeck CK 550 Floor props (700)

Shoring Systems - Modular &/or Drophead

Gass Shoring approx 600 legs and 500 frames
ShoreX frames and cross braces

Soldier Shore Jack (1,800)
Titan HV
Topec/DeckFast Bearings (390), Edge (60), 180 Beam (49), 90 Beam (7), Traverse (123)
Topec/DeckFast Guardrail Post (124), Guardrail Bearing (151), Head Support Shoe (121)
QB3 (100)
Inner Tubes for #1, 2 and 3 HD Post Shores
Aluma Beam, 4'x6' Hi-Load Frames and Jacks
Patent Interform Truss


Used Decristo 32' braces (200)
Used Decristo 22' braces (200)

C-49D (438)
(140) new 10" x 10' 3 pocket Street Smart Curb Forms
(75) new 12" x 10' 3 pocket Street Smart Curb Forms with Sliding Nose
Doka Staxo 40 and 100 available in excellent condition (barely used)
Used B-1 (7'6" to 8'10") Dayton Braces (8) in Dallas area
Used UP-1 Tilt Up Brace (13 in Los Angeles) $50 each
Used B-1 (7'6" to 8'10") Tilt Up Brace (8 in Toronto) $50 each
Used B-8's several locations

Gates Lift and Lock Brackets (156)





6.5" deep Aluminum Joists
Symons 7.5: deep x 5" flange Aluminum Beams


Hi-Load Shoring and crossbraces
Meva MEP Props
Tabla (must be imperial dimensions)


Steel-Ply Form Cleaning Machine
(1 or 2) 4-speed manual hydraulic hi-lift jacks for Flying Truss System