Dowel Bar Retrofit System


What is a Dowel Bar Retrofit System? Load transfer is the ability of a joint or crack in concrete pavement to transfer load from one slab to the next through shear action. Good load transfer improves concrete pavement performance by reducing tensile stresses in concrete, reducing corner deflection, and reducing differential deflection. The Dowel Bar Retrofit System (DBRS) is a rehabilitation technique for increasing the load transfer capability of existing jointed portland cement concrete (PCC) pavement. This is accomplished by placing dowel bars (where not previously existing) across joints and/or cracks that exhibit poor load transfer.
Qualifications for the System
The DBRS is well suited for jointed concrete pavements that have poor load transfer at joints and/or cracks but also have a significant remaining structural life.
Condition Indicators
The following field conditions have been identified as indicators that an individual joint or crack would benefit from DBRS:
  • Deflection load transfer of 60% or less.
  • Faulting greater than 2.5mm.
  • Differential deflection of 250 um (10 mils) or more