T14 - Tilt-Up Wall Braces


The Dayton Superior T14 Precast Wall Braces are all-steel, heavy-duty wall braces designed to quickly and easily align and brace tilt-up wall panels. Rough adjustment of the T14 braces is easily accomplished by telescoping the pipes to the nearest incremental hole. Final adjustment is then achieved by simply turning the brace. Dayton Superior wall braces are available in numerous sizes to provide a continuous range of panel heights of fifty feet or more. Refer to the table for additional information.

Notes: * Field assembly is required for B14 and B15 braces


Type New Name Description Min Length Max Length Brace Wt. (Lbs)
B1A BA0814R Short Pipe Brace 8'-0" 14'-0" 87
B4 BA1423R Heavy Duty Regular Pipe Brace 14'-6" 23'-6" 130
B5 BA2239R Heavy Duty Long Pipe Brace 22'-6" 29'-0" 208
B7 B17R13R Short Jumbo Brace 16'-3" 17'-9" 107
B8 B22R9R Jumbo Brace 21'-3" 22'-9" 130
B9 B22+5R7R Jumbo Brace with 5-0" Extension 26'-3" 27'-9" 172
B10 B22+10R5R Jumbo Brace with 10'-0" Extension 31'-3" 32'-9" 193
B11 BA2540R Tru-Itt Brace 25'-6" 40'-0" 505
B12A B32R13R Jumbo 5-1/2" 31'-5" 32'-9" 245
B13** B27R18R Jumbo 5-1/2" 26'-3" 27'-9" 237
B14* B32+10R7R B12 Jumbo Brace, 10'-0" Extension 41'-3" 42'-9" 382
B15* B32+20R5R B12 Jumbo Brace, 20'-0" Extension 51'-3" 52'-9" 410
B16 BA32+5R12R B12 Jumbo Brace, 5'-0" Extension 36'-3" 37'-9" 360
B17A B42R19R Super Brace 41'-3" 42'-6" 613
B18 B52R19R Super Brace 50'-6" 52'-2" 984
Notes: *Field assembly is required for B14 and B15 braces.
Fixed length allows for +/-9" of adjustment, except B17A allows 7-1/2" on each end, and B18 Brace, which features 11.75" of adjustment on each end.
Pipe Extensions: T15 for the B8 model and T20 for the B12 model
Note: **B13 is Made To Order brace