PPC - Aztec® Plastic Paving Chair


The PPC Plastic Paving Chair is a one piece rebar support chair consisting of a rebar retention clip, beam and a 4” round base.
  • Saves time and money - Universal rebar clip provides positive attachment for #3-#6 bar sizes.
  • Increased stability on multiple surfaces - 4" diameter base among the largest surface bearing areas in the industry.
  • Reliability and stability - Able to withstand all temperature conditions (polycarbonate and acronlonitrilebutadiene-styrene).
  • Increased Reliability - Profile allows for maximum concrete consolidation.
  • May contribute to LEED credits - Made of recycled plastic alloy.
  • Made in America - Supports American manufacturing.

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PPC chairs are used for on grade, single mat applications common in DOT applications.